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Welcome to the DAVIS Bunch! Who said blended families don’t excel? Well, our story is unique, beautiful, crazy and wild all at the same time.  My name is Karen Davis, and I’m married to a wonderful man by the name of Marcus Davis.  I always say we have been making our way into each other’s life, all our lives.    

My husband and I meet volunteering at a church food bank.  I had been a volunteer for four years and one day my, now, husband walked in looking to volunteer as well.  That was November 2011, and all my girlfriends were saying “did you see the new guy”, “anyone know anything about the new guy”?  I took all of them aside, and informed them that I was going in first, “if he doesn’t like me” I said, “then you all can have him”.  Because we were all good friends, they agreed to my terms, and boy oh boy I am thankful I got them to agree.  We were married on August 10, 2013.

My husband, I always say he was, and is the answer to my prayer.  God loves me so much He not only gave me what I thought I wanted, but He also gave me what I needed, and dreamed of; everything all rolled into one. Marcus has stepped into the life's of my children, as well, and shown them what a real man, a real father, someone who loves you, really looks like.  We have seen it all in these three years sad, happy, good, bad, hard, easy, hills and valleys. It hasn’t all been roses but I know he is on my team, he doesn’t judge me he supports me, and is my biggest cheerleader.  

We both brought 3 kiddos into the marriage.  Tiffany, an amazing, talented mother of 3, Jade who is currently pursuing her editing and production career, Jace our football star, Ilea, also an amazing mother, who gave us Abriana, and will soon be a mom for the second time, Xiara our college sophomore, and future veterinarian, and Kelvis a high school sophomore, and last one at home.  Each bring their own individual issues, but also great successes I couldn’t imagine our family without any of them.

I spent many years alone, even when I was in a, so called, relationship.  I knew what I wanted in a relationship, a marriage, but more importantly, I knew what I didn’t want.  So many times, because we have the end goal in mind, we settle for less than happy, less than living only because we make the goal more important than the journey.  No matter what you are going through remember, life happens while we are making it to the end of that journey.  We owe it to ourselves and our families to be happy, healthy, at peace, and sane along the way.  It’s never too late to pursue a dream, or take a chance.  As long as you are willing to do whatever you need to do to succeed; which brings me to Kreations by KMD’s.

Never really knew the creativity, and passion I had inside of me.  Had to peel back all the past hurts, self-images, failures, distrust in others, and in me, to see what was always there.  Each one of our accessories is individually touched by us, no mass machines production no warehouse work.  We take time on each and every item.  No matter how small, we personalize each one with our touch.  There won’t be any copycat items here.  We can make the same item twice, but because of the uniqueness each piece will be different.  So thank you in advance for taking a look at our page, please contact us with any questions or inquires on any one of our accessories.

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